NURJ 2013-14

May 2014


Trinuclear Ruthenium Clusters for Electrochemical Biosensor Development


Functional Inequalities for Gaussian and Log-Concave Probability Measures

Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences (MMSS)

Testing the Minimax Theorem in the Field: The Interaction between Pitcher and Batter in Baseball

Materials Science and Engineering

A Self Assembled Organic/Inorganic Nanostructure for Photovoltaic Applications

Political Science

Politics, Poverty, and Pedagogy: An Examination of College Teaching about Poverty


"I Know Where is an Hynde": Wyatt’s rebellious (sub)version of masculine erotics


World White Web

African American Studies

Black Imprints: Haitian Colonial Memory in Venezuelan Politics

Slavic Languages and Literature

Nabokov's Watermarks: The Significance of Perceptual Time and Memory in Three Selected Novels