NURJ 2016-17

May 2017

Theses by Ken-Terika Zellner, Bill Edwards, Maria Massucco, Shakeeb Asrar, Elena Barham, Cinthya Abigail Rodriguez, Jueun Choi, Theanne Liu, Malak Monir, Melissa Ileana-Codd, William Kirkland; features on Bryan Pardo, Elizabeth Gerber, Hamid Naficy, Norman Wickett, and Mark Ratner.

African American Studies

Therapeutic High Schools: Healing in the Age of Ethnic Studies

Political Science, NU-Q

Examining the Gender Gap: Where are the educated Qatari Women in the Workforce?


Exploring the Interpretations of Folk Songs: Three Case Studies in Digital Humanities

Gender & Sexuality Studies

Recuperating Monique Wittig through the “Site of Action”


Remedying Inferiority: Institutional Engagement with Argentine Indios after the Conquest of the Desert

Communication Studies

Making Mainstream Asian America: Productions and Representations of Asian American Identity in Television and Web Series

Political Science, NU-Q

Immigrants in the United Kingdom: Integration through Group Rights


Decentralizing Computers and Capitalism: Silicon Valley and the Politics of the Free Market, 1971-1984


Male Sex Right & the Fraternal Social Contract: An Analysis of Political Membership in Locke’s Second Treatise of Government


Che cosa c’è in un nome?: Uno studio onomastico sui nomi, soprannomi, ed appellativi utilizzati nella tetralogia L’amica geniale di Elena Ferrante

Political Science

The Politics of Rentier Benefits and Permanent Residency in Qatar


Thank You for Playing: A Rational Choice Theory of Friendship


Elizabeth Gerber: Associate Professor of Design at Northwestern University, Faculty Founder of Design for America, Co-Founder of the Delta Lab, and Director of the Segal Research Cluster


Bryan Pardo: Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science in the McCormick School of Engineering; head of the Interactive Audio Lab


Hamid Naficy: Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani Professor in the School of Communication


Mark Ratner: Dumas University Professor at Northwestern University and Co-Director of the Initiative for Sustainability and Energy at Northwestern.