NURJ 2015-16

May 2016

Theses by Blair Dunbar, Mariam Al Askari, Madeleine Elkins, Paul Lee, Christian Keeve, Carrie Willis, Carly Bluth, Ziyang Xu, Yazan Abu Ghaidah, Stephanie Shapiro, Conner Singh VanderBeek, Jake Romm, Francesca Mennella, Chelsey Moler, Jennifer Katz, Alexandra Becker; Features on Dr. Vadim Backman and Prof. Mark Hersam


Dynamic Landscapes: The Spatiality of Social Relations at Ightham Mote

Comparative Literature

Introduction to the Estridentista Works of Manuel Maples Arce: 1921-1927


Solution Conformations of Chiral Mannich Bases


Rational Design of Irreversible Covalent Inhibitors for E3 Ubiquitin Ligase NEDD4-1

African American Studies

Electric Peoples: Toward an Afrofuturist Body Politic