The Northwestern Undergraduate Research Journal (NURJ) is an annual student-produced journal that showcases outstanding research done by Northwestern undergraduates from across all academic fields.

Our mission is two-fold: to provide an opportunity for the many undergraduates passionate about research at Northwestern to publish their work, and to complement the University's emphasis on interdisciplinary research that spans a wide spectrum of areas including neuroscience, material sciences, social sciences, and humanities.

As the only peer- and faculty-reviewed journal of undergraduate research at Northwestern University, NURJ serves to introduce undergraduates to the review and publication processes indicative of the research world. It is an opportunity for students to engage with the research community and networks.

Editor in Chief: Josh Shi

Faculty Advisor: Allen Taflove

Managing Editor: Jenna Lee

Art Director: Florence Fu

PR Manager: Lena Thompson

Outreach Manager: Maria Kaufman