The Northwestern Undergraduate Research Journal (NURJ) is an annual student-produced journal that showcases outstanding research done by Northwestern undergraduates from across all academic fields.

Our mission is two-fold: to provide an opportunity for the many undergraduates passionate about research at Northwestern to publish their work, and to complement the University's emphasis on interdisciplinary research that spans a wide spectrum of areas including neuroscience, material sciences, social sciences, and humanities.

As the only peer- and faculty-reviewed journal of undergraduate research at Northwestern University, NURJ serves to introduce undergraduates to the review and publication processes indicative of the research world. It is an opportunity for students to engage with the research community and networks.

Editor-in-chief: Andrew Y. Cao

Faculty Adviser: Allen Taflove (Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)

NURJ (Paper):

  • Managing Editor: Leslie Bonilla
  • Vice Managing Editor: Amanda Barraza-Murphy

NURJ (Online):

  • Managing Editor: Emily Suen
  • Vice Managing Editor: Jagoda Rachwal
  • Vice Managing Editor: Zhesi Zhuang

Graphic Design Team:

  • Director: Stephanie Shin
  • Associate Director: Andrew Cortner
  • Associate Director: Sakke Overlund

Engineering & Science Editorial Counsel:

  • Director: Adam Leung

Outreach, Thesis Submissions and Campus Relations Team:

  • Director: Jamie Miller

Development Team:

  • Director: Michael Chen
  • Associate Director: Kelsey Allen-Niesen
  • Associate Director: Gavriella Khan

Assistant to the Editor-in-chief+Web Development Director: Lucy Yuan


Editor Niva Razin

Editor Joy Zheng

Editor Haley Chang

Editor Lydia Rivers

Editor David Zane

Editor Shreyas Iyer

Editor Pranav Baskar

Artist Sarah Tani

Artist Coco Huang

Artist Maggie Zhang

Artist Maia Brown

Counsel Jonic Zhu

Counsel Leila Foulon

Counsel Isabelle Sarraf

Counsel Christina Carty

Counsel Yuchen Liu

Outreach Coordinator Shreya Sriram

Outreach Coordinator May Nguyen

Development Staff (PR) Alex Gallard

Development Staff (PR) Amanda Davis

Development Staff(Finance & Strategy) Khaled Abughoush

Development Staff(Finance & Strategy) Scott Thomas

Development Staff (Marketing) Gabrielle Tsoi

Development Staff (Marketing) Ina Huang

Development Staff (HR) John Cao

Web coordinator Spencer Levitt

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